Monthly Archives: March 2009

Twitter Brew – Spring Tweet

I got this crazy idea about a month ago that with all the Tweetups (that's a meet-up in person for Twitters) that have been taking place at the 21A, why not have a twitter beer. That and the fact that the Twitter headquarters are just a quick walk across the park.... Continue Reading

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Recap of the Year (so far)

Wow, where do we begin? A lot has happened in the first part of this year.  Strong Beer month celebrated it's seventh year. If you haven't heard what this is all about it's a month long celebration in February where the 21A and our good friends at Magnolia Brewery put on 6 beers of great strength and flavor. We tie in with a theme, this year is was the Grateful Dead's album "Go to Heaven." I'll let you guess who came up with that idea (ah hum..Dave McLean). 

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