Hey gang, we picked up some bling at this year's Great American Beer Festival in Denver Colorado. We won a silver medal for our Hop Crisis in the Imperial IPA category, of which there were 97 entries and the third most popular category entered. A little known fact about Hop Crisis, as this beer was once called Double Trouble Imperial IPA, but we changed the name when we learned that the name was already being used by another fellow craft brewery. The name, Hop Crisis was our Triple IPA and was named as a challenge to the hop shortage and price increase from a few years back where some hops reached $29 a pound. Rather than relent we thought it would be fun to embrace the crisis and see it through to the other side where hop prices have now settled down. 

We all had an awesome time as Nico, Dave Wilson, our head sales can guru, Zambo, Head Brewer at the 21A pub and I rolled around Denver. Thanks to the great staff at the Brewers Association for putting on another fantastic festival. I had the opportunity to judge at the festival for the third time and what an amazing experience that was. It made for a long week as I arrived on Tuesday. We also did the Brewers Feud on Friday in the Brewers Pavilion with Iron Hill Brewery out of Wilmington Delaware. This was based on the television game show Family Feud in an East versus West Coast throw down. The whole game was put on by the Brewing Network with Justin Crosley as the host and playing the part of Richard Dawson. We beat Iron Hill but it was all in good fun and everyone had a blast. Recovery continues…


Check out all the winners from the 2010 GABF here:

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