With Thanksgiving next week, we imagine your mind is busy planning recipes, seating arrangements, cooking schedules and how many grocery trips you’re going to have to make. While you worry about the food, we’ll take the thinking out of your drink pairings – enter our fall variety Chat Pack, which hits all the marks for complementing your Thanksgiving meal.

From frying to feasting to day after feeding, here are our co-founder and brewmaster Shaun O’Sullivan’s recommendations for our Chat Pack’s course-by-course beer pairings:


21A-BlahBlahBlah-CanBlah Blah Blah…Did you go for the deep fried turkey this year? Setting up the fryer outside in the cold for the ultimate fried turkey experience with its crispy skin and moist meat, you need a beer with bitterness and hops to cut through those big flavors. Blah Blah Blah Imperial IPA is the answer with big citrus and stone fruit flavors and aromas.


BF_MABrew Free! or Die … Because Thanksgiving is about rich foods –like garlic mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing made with andouille sausage and creamy silky cheesecakes–  you need a beer to stand up to those strong flavors. Brew Free! or Die IPA is that beer. Hop bitterness, a firm malt backbone and hoppy aromas of citrus and pine make up our flagship beer and it pairs great with many dishes passed around the festive holiday table.


FSC_MAFireside Chat …If it’s the end of the meal and you are about to dive into your apple pie or chocolate cake, then maybe sit around the fire with friends and family, you need the perfect beer for that moment. Fireside Chat with its subtle spice flavors and aromas, coupled with a chocolate note and 7.9% ABV, is the perfect beer with any dessert and most especially, for enjoying with good company after a great meal.


21A-ElSully- CompressedEl Sully… If you’re like me, it’s all about Thanksgiving leftovers.Why just fill-up (again) on yesterday’s carb loading. Have fun with some bright, spicy flavors and enjoy something like Day After Thanksgiving Spicy Turkey Tacos (my go-to recipe here). El Sully, with its bright and crisp flavor, is a smooth, easy drinking beer and is the perfect post-Turkey Day pick-me-up.

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