MissMurtagh2This week’s winner of the #BRUSFO Beer Crawl Contest made a strong showing early in the second week of the contest, before getting distracted by #batkid. She made a comeback this week, and we’re looking forward to meeting @MissMurtagh on the Beer Crawl.

After choosing @MissMurtagh, we realized she is married to @chris24g76, who won the #BRUSFO Beer Crawl Contest the first week. And though we figured @chris24g76 would bring his wife to the Beer Crawl as his +1, we really couldn’t count on it, since he hadn’t bothered to tell her he was naming his first born Shaun or Dave. And we really, really want to drink beer with @MissMurtagh.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the #BRUSFO Beer Crawl Contest. This was so much fun we’ll probably do it again.

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