I've been lucky enough to be part of a great morning radio show in the Bay Area with the iconic leader at that helm, Dave Morey. For the past 4 years I have been allowed to come into KFOG 104.5 FM and talk about beer, taste beer, take listener calls and a have a great time, all at the 8 AM. Going from being a fan of the show to a semi-regular guest and given the label "the KFOG Morning Show Beer Expert" is an unbelievable experience and a bit heady. Even though I have been on the show many times, I still can't sleep the night before, get a little nervous at first when Dave plays my theme song, which he picked, "Beer for Breakfast" by the Replacements, talking a little too fast at first and having Renee giggle as I shake when I pour the crew tastes of beer. 

Dave Morey has been with KFOG for the past 26 years and is pulling up stakes, retiring and heading to his hometown in Michigan and he lives behind a huge space in the bay area radio music scene. A lot of people of woken up with Dave and his crew and the radio waves will surely be a little quieter after today. Sure he'll still do his incredible radio show 10 at 10, but not to have him in the same area will be noticeable.

Here is to you Dave, I raise a pint and wish you well. 
-Shaun Beer Dude..ah I mean Beer Guy.

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