We received a great email a few days ago from Scott and Ken, the backcountry hooligans, who hiked the John Muir Trail with the journey culminating at Mt. Whitney and enjoying Brew Free! or Die IPA at 14,500 feet. Quite an extraordinary feet and here it is in their own words:

"Hey Guys, I wanted to share a cool story with you. It was a short 3 years ago that I became aware of the movement to aluminum cans some of the more progressive breweries were embracing. It immediately struck me as pure genius! There were so many new places GREAT beer could now go with me. It was with no small amount of consideration that my friend and I selected your fine IPA to accompany us on a 55+ mile journey on the John Muir Trail in the (very) high Sierra Nevada mountain range. Your Brew Free or Die made the entire journey (including going over the highest pass on the Pacific Crest Trail, 13,200 foot Forester Pass) culminating in a summit bid this past Friday morning on Mount Whitney (14,500 feet…the highest mountain in the lower 48). We really enjoyed your fine IPA at about 9 AM with plenty of sunshine and no wind. We also were the first on top of the mountain and by the time others started to show up…they realized we had a stroke of genius. Yeah, it is a little harder to haul extra weight up the mountain…but was it ever worth it! We hope you get a kick out of this fantastic shot of your beautiful beers in the thin air of Mount Whitney. Hopefully it inspires you to keep marketing great beer in ways that insure it can be enjoyed just about anywhere on the planet!

Cheers! Scott and Ken (the backcountry hooligans)"

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