A few weeks back I had an amazing experience on the Tuolumne River near Yosemite Valley rafting with the great outfitters O.A.R.S., who run rafting trips locally and abroad. They reached out to me to be part of their Brewmaster Dinner on the river where they invited the good folks at Cypress Grove Creamery and Chef extraordinaire Christian Vargas who paired an amazing series of meals on the river. The O.A.R.S. crew were just great and at every spot set-up our camp, “toilet facilities”, kitchen and created a warm and relaxing atmosphere. They planned day hikes in the mornings and afternoons while we waited for the water to come up on the river when we would then shove of and attack the level four to five rapids. An amazing roller coaster ride.

Caren Osten, a travel writer was also on the trip with her family and chronicled the entire adventure on her blog, Embark. Definitely give it a read, it captures the trip perfectly. On the river the guests included families and friends from Doctors, to Bike enthusiasts and weekend warriors (that was me). We brought our 21A canned craft beers spanning the spectrum of taste and strength, from Hell or High Watermelon Wheat to Lower De Boom barleywine. This was really the first time that I was able to practice what I preach when I talk about the advantage of canned craft beer, the ability to take a can where no bottle can go, in this case the Tuolumne River. If you get a chance you should take one of these trips, really an experience of a life time.




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