There is a dust storm in the brewing interweb community today over at where there is a thread bagging on craft breweries that are getting too big and popular and calling them out because of that and also maybe how their beers are overrated. 

It reminds me of when Jack White of the White Stripes was asked in an interview years ago about how the early fans of his band back in Detroit would bag on their success as they were becoming more popular. He said that those fans and their cool little indie underground band from Michigan were getting bigger, but the Stripes were doing the same thing they've always been doing just more people were listening and those early fans didn't like that. 

In some peoples eyes you're only cool if your not too popular. I call bullsh#t. 

Sam Calgione of Dogfish Head Brewery summed it up best in this reply:

"And the breweries you don't prefer but are growing don't suck either. Respect Beer. The below was my favorite post thus far. 

This thread is hilarious. Seriously, Bells, Founders, FFF, Surly, RR, DFH, Bruery, Avery, Cigar City, Mikkeller are all overrated?

Since I'm from Ohio, I'll pile on and add Great Lakes, Hoppin Frog, and Brew Kettle to the list. Your welcome. 

Hopefully soon we will have every craft brewery in the US on the list."

Craft beer is becoming more popular and isn't that the point? We've got a great thing going and we want the world to know about it. If you don't like some breweries beer don't wear their shoes, but don't bag on their shoes because more people are wearing them, because someone likes those shoes. OK, I'll turn off the analogy machine and get back to trying to figure out how to add arugula to a beer that I hope everyone on this planet will drink. 


PS What a great birthday present for Todd Alstrom one of the founders of Beer Advocate. I always wanted fireworks for my birthday. Lucky.

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