If you caught the end of the hockey season this year, you know that the Pittsburgh Penguins won the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals against the San Jose Sharks. But what you probably don’t know is that El Sully, our new Mexican-style lager, has been credited with helping the Pens achieve their victory.

During the two game series in San Jose, one of the Penguins’ coaches went out to a local store and came across a six pack of El Sully – he thought it was a “sign” given the Penguins’ head coach is Mike Sullivan or “Sully” as they call him – so he bought a pack. The coaching staff enjoyed a celebratory cheers with the beer before Game 4, and the Penguins won against the Sharks and were headed back to Pittsburgh with a lead in the overall series. The Pens lost the next game at home and when the team returned to San Jose for Game 6 the superstition of sports brought the coach back to the same store where he stocked up on El Sully. The coaches once again enjoyed a celebratory cheers before the game and that night the Pens won The Stanley Cup.

El Sully was deemed the team’s “magic beer,” so much so that a can is going to be memorialized in the NHL Hall of Fame alongside the Pittsburgh Penguins’ story of their quest for The Cup. An incredible resting spot for a can of craft beer!

Following the season win, as hockey tradition goes, each player and coach has a day with The Cup. Mike “Sully’s” day was Aug. 4th and as his family was planning his hometown celebrations in Boston, his daughter reached out to the 21st Amendment wondering if it would be possible to get cans of El Sully for the party. Little did they know the beer is actually available in their local stores, but it transpired from there into something so much better, and on Aug. 4, 21A’s Sully (Shaun O’Sullivan, our Brewmaster and co-Founder) traveled to Boston to hand-deliver Sully to Sully.

The evening was picture perfect with an intimate celebration among family and friends. Shaun presented Mike with a commemorative El Sully keepsake, they both addressed the crowd and shared the story of how this moment came to be, and cans of the beer were enjoyed among the party guests.

“I’ve been involved in this industry for 22 years and I have experienced a lot of pretty amazing things, but being part of that day was something extra special. Standing on that stage with Mike telling our “Sully Story,” then watching the video on his team’s journey to The Cup afterwards, and seeing how everyone responded, it was just incredible,” said O’Sullivan.

The story’s added layer is that Shaun’s mother and father were born, raised and married in Pittsburgh. He still has family there and they couldn’t be more thrilled with what took place with the Penguins. “To have my namesake beer associated with their hometown hockey team making sports history is truly once-in-a-lifetime,” O’Sullivan added.

So the moral of the story? Grab a can of El Sully and see what magic might transpire for you!

Shaun & Stanley

Shaun, Stanley, Mike and Shaun’s Son


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