February 1st marks the start of the 11th Annual Strong Beer Month. The 21st Amendment and our good friends at Magnolia Pub and Brewery once again bring you an astounding range of memorable brews to lift the winter doldrums. As is the tradition every year we pick a classic rock album orchestrated by the maestro of art design Eric Schweickertt, this year we picked the Who's "Who Are You." Maximum ales at your ready. Each brewery has produced 6 strong beers, taking over and dominating their tap selections. We alone at the 21A can pour 8 beer and six of those are beers over 8.5% ABV. Mind boggling.

If you haven't endured this month before this is the game plan and your direction: Head over to the either the 21st Amendment or Magnolia and pick yourself up a ticket stub which lists all 12 beers from both pubs. Then enjoy (responsible) all 12 strong beers, but not in one setting.  We check off each beer on your personal ticket. 

Then when your done visiting both breweries and have enjoyed (responsibly) all twelve beers you get to keep the special commemorative glass that we have made up for the month. We will be watching you and making sure you are enjoying these beers in a proper strong beer month manner. You will be served water with your strong beers, it's a requirement and not so much for you as for your liver and kidney's have requested help in processing these delightful elixirs. These beers are meant to be savored and enjoyed not merely consumed. 

We also have commemorative t-shirts available for both men and women and they are awesome. The beers are amazing and special on their own but check back often as special kegs and casks of vintage and barrel-aged beers will appear throughout the month. The 21st Amendment is serving the following beers:

  • Triple Crisis – Triple IPA – 11.0% abv
  • Lord & Master – Strong English blonde – 8.3% abv 
  • Red Giant – Imperial Red Ale – 13.0 abv 
  • Oaked Drunken Monk – Dark Abbey Ale – 9.5% abv 
  • Two Lane Blacktop – Imperial Black IPA – 9.8% abv 
  • Hendrik's – Imperial Stout – 9.5% abv


Magnolia is serving the following:
  • Old Thunderpussy – Barleywine – 11.9% abv
  • Smokestack Lighting – Imperial Stout – 10.7% abv
  • Pride of Branthill – Imperial ESB – 8.9% abv
  • Punch You in the Eye – Strong Rye Ale – 8.0% abv
  • Promised Land – Imperial IPA – 11.5% abv
  • Tweezer Triple – Abbey Tripel – 10.7% abv


Enjoy and please drink responsibly. And remember as it is every year "While Supplies Last" with both the beer and the commemorative glassware. 


Shaun and Nico

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