There are extraordinary moments in the craft beer industry when we engage in the simple art of the collaboration. Typically this is done in concert with other brewers and breweries but when the occasion arises and creative stars align we step out of the safe-base of our industry and partner in this endeavor with like-minded creative folks and produce something special. This last week we celebrated such a union of like minds with our fellow collaborators at Hog Island Oyster Company at their oyster farm in Marshall, California.


It was an amazing day with perfect weather where folks from the 21A and Hog Island enjoyed “Marooned on Hog Island Oyster Stout” a rich silky stout, brewed with Hog Island’s Sweetwater oysters. Owner and Founder John Finger told stories about the early days of his oyster business and the origin of the beer’s name when he and his new wife were physically marooned on Hog Island in Tomales Bay when his skiff escaped it’s mooring and they were stuck until a local rescued them from their situation. Visitors to the farm also enjoyed this delicious beer with their oysters as Nico and Shaun filtered through the crowd chatting with them about the brew pouring samples and shared this experience. If you have never been to the Hog Island farm in Tomales Bay it’s a definite must as are their restaurants at the San Francisco Ferry Building and Napa Valley’s Oxbow Market.


The celebration continues this Saturday, November 21st with a day of Hog Island Co. Sweetwater Oyster Shuckin’ at our SF Brewpub from 1-5pm in collaboration with our neighbors from Lord George Oyster Bar.

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