Hello thirsty friends -

We are excited to introduce you to our newest, Insurrection Series release, Baby Horse! You may recognize this Belgian Quad as one of our draft-only Pub favorites, but due to popular demand, you now have access to this delicious beer in six pack cans in most states where our beers are distributed. We hope you saddle up and get you some of this while supplies last…

Baby Horse Six Pack

How would you describe this beer?

Baby Horse implies that it’s a playful beer. It pours with light white toffee, “pillowy” bubbles and a creamy texture. It is deep gold in color with raisin, date and light sweet malt aromas. The complex malty notes and yeasty fruit esters drive the mouthfeel. The higher alcohol strength is present, but not overwhelming. The flavors are individually apparent, yet they all dance and run well together. Baby Horse flows with a light sweetness that segues into a dry finish with unique spicy flavors. Giddy up! – Shaun O’Sullivan, Co-Founder and Brewmaster

Baby Horse is 9.5% ABV, 26 BU and it tastes delicious. – Jeff Eaton, Brewery Operations Manager

Why is this beer called Baby Horse?

I believe the name was born from an imaginary metal rock band conceived by Jesse Houck, a former pub brewer, and Jamie D., a former floor manager. When this malt monster was brewed, the name seemed to work well for the beer as we all joked that the grain bill weighed as much as a baby horse. Years later, when I was asked to create a beer board for this beer, I dug down deep to the core of my artisan soul, and mustered the sketch of a baby horse that inspired the version you see today. – Rob Strasser, General Manager of our San Franciscio Pub and San Leandro Tap Room

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