Lots of News!

The phrase “there is a lot happening at our new San Leandro brewery” is a complete understatement. Pour yourself a beer and sit back and enjoy the news from your 21st Amendment friends.

We won!

Unexpected and absolutely exciting that Toaster Pastry took home the silver medal in the Double Red category at this year’s Great American Beer Festival. This beer has been garnering amazing press and to win an award on top of that brings it all together. What a fantastic way to start-up our new brewery. We also took yet another medal for MCA Stout, winning a silver medal for the session ale category. MCA has so many medals, several at the GABF and beyond, we call it Zambo’s medal baby beer.

Toaster Pastry takes a 2015 Silver GABF medal in the Double Red Category.

Toaster Pastry was a secret project that Brewmaster Shaun O’Sullivan started brewing the summer of 2014. He cooked up three homebrew batches at his house in Berkeley. We then brewed a version at the pub that was called “Ales for ALS,” then took it out to Cold Spring and brewed a draft version called “Blah Blah Blah IPA,” always tweaking it and refining before we brewed and canned it out here in San Leandro. The goal was to brew a beer that gave the perception of biting into a Pop Tart.  It’s brewed with Munich and biscuit malts giving it a crust like character together with the late kettle hopping and the abundance of dry hops for the sensation of a jammy fruity character. Five different hops were used for dry hopping: Citra, Chinook, Simcoe, Mosaic, Azacca and Calypso all totaling over 2lbs/barrel of beer. That is a lot. Also, no Pop Tarts were hurt or used in the making of this beer. It’s an homage to our new home, which as you know was a former Kellogg plant.

Marooned on Hog Island is returning

After a three year hiatus the return of “Marooned on Hog Island” our collaboration with Hog Island Oyster Company is returning to shelves.  The beer starts as an oatmeal stout and we then add oysters in their shells to the boil and this draws the salinity and calcium out into the wort adding a rounded silkiness to the finished beer. Coming in at 7.9% ABV it’s available in four packs and on draft as part of our Insurrection Series, an occasional series where the beers have firmer flavors and might also be higher in alcohol.

Hog Island Oysters

 It’s time to Lower de Boom.

 Our 11.5% ABV Barley wine Lower de Boom is set to be brewed the first week of November. Yes another beer in our Insurrection Series and packaged in an 8.4 ounce can. We have fun with this beer every time we brew and mix up the late additions and dry hops. Stay tuned.


We’ve got puncheons.

We recently acquired 14 puncheons from a winery in Sonoma. What’s a puncheon? Well they are 122 gallon oak barrels that once contained red wine and were used once. This will be the start of the 21A barrel program and it’s looking like the first beer that will be introduced into our new wood vessels will be “Watermelon Funk,” a soured version of our Hell or High Watermelon beer that was once a collaboration with Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing Company years ago.

Thanks for your support,

Shaun, Dave and Nico

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