It wouldn’t be Fall without a little pumpkin in the air, right?

Our brewers got creative this year, busting out an 8-foot long grill to smoke their pumpkins to perfection before adding them to the mash.

This is the pumpkin beer you drink next to the campfire, with dirt on your jeans and a harmonica resting on the rock beside you. This is the pumpkin beer for modern-day cowboys and the lone rangers who brew their coffee on the stove, without any pumps of syrup or spice.

Pull on your flannel, roll up your sleeves, and belly up to the bar for a perfect welcome to Fall.


Smoky Hollow Pumpkin Pale Ale

5.7% ABV

43 IBU

Roasted pumpkin and smoked malt give this beer notes of roasted marshmallow and campfire.  Cascade hops add a zesty orange note for a refreshing finish.

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